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Volume 5 Issue 1
Published:05 March 2022

Fengyin Li,Xinying Yu,Rui Ge,Yanli Wang,Yang Cui,Huiyu Zhou

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The blockchain, with its key characteristics of decentralization, persistence, anonymity, and auditability, has become a solution to overcome the overdependence and lack of trust for a traditional public key infrastructure on third-party institutions. Because of these characteristics, the blockchain is suitable for solving certain open problems in the service-oriented social network, where the unreliability of submitted reviews of service vendors can cause serious security problems. To solve ...

Jiantao Zheng,Cuixiang Lin,Zhenpeng Wu,Hong-Dong Li

2022, 5(1): 15-31.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2021.9020014
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Intron Retention (IR) is an alternative splicing mode through which introns are retained in mature RNAs rather than being spliced in most cases. IR has been gaining increasing attention in recent years because of its recognized association with gene expression regulation and complex diseases. Continuous efforts have been dedicated to the development of IR detection methods. These methods differ in their metrics to quantify retention propensity, performance to detect IR events, functional enri...

Amanpreet Kaur Sandhu

2022, 5(1): 32-40.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2021.9020016
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With the recent advancements in computer technologies, the amount of data available is increasing day by day. However, excessive amounts of data create great challenges for users. Meanwhile, cloud computing services provide a powerful environment to store large volumes of data. They eliminate various requirements, such as dedicated space and maintenance of expensive computer hardware and software. Handling big data is a time-consuming task that requires large computational clusters to ensure ...

Hui Bai,Yan Yang,Jie Wang

2022, 5(1): 41-52.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2021.9020013
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Dialog State Tracking (DST) aims to extract the current state from the conversation and plays an important role in dialog systems. Existing methods usually predict the value of each slot independently and do not consider the correlations among slots, which will exacerbate the data sparsity problem because of the increased number of candidate values. In this paper, we propose a multi-domain DST model that integrates slot-relevant information. In particular, certain connections may exist among ...

He Wang,Zhoujian Cao,Yue Zhou,Zong-Kuan Guo,Zhixiang Ren

2022, 5(1): 53-63.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2021.9020018
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Extracting knowledge from high-dimensional data has been notoriously difficult, primarily due to the so-called "curse of dimensionality" and the complex joint distributions of these dimensions. This is a particularly profound issue for high-dimensional gravitational wave data analysis where one requires to conduct Bayesian inference and estimate joint posterior distributions. In this study, we incorporate prior physical knowledge by sampling from desired interim distributions to dev...

Qixiang Shao,Runlong Yu,Hongke Zhao,Chunli Liu,Mengyi Zhang,Hongmei Song,Qi Liu

2022, 5(1): 64-78.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2021.9020021
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Intelligent Financial Advisors (IFAs) in online financial applications (apps) have brought new life to personal investment by providing appropriate and high-quality portfolios for users. In real-world scenarios, identifying potential clients is a crucial issue for IFAs, i.e., identifying users who are willing to purchase the portfolios. Thus, extracting useful information from various characteristics of users and further predicting their purchase inclination are urgent. However, two critical ...