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Volume 3 Issue 4
Published:01 December 2020

Mei Lu,Fanzhang Li

2020, 3(4): 235-258.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2020.9020011
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Lie group machine learning is recognized as the theoretical basis of brain intelligence, brain learning, higher machine learning, and higher artificial intelligence. Sample sets of Lie group matrices are widely available in practical applications. Lie group learning is a vibrant field of increasing importance and extraordinary potential and thus needs to be developed further. This study aims to provide a comprehensive survey on recent advances in Lie group machine learning. We introduce Lie g...

Qixuan Hou,Meng Han,Zhipeng Cai

2020, 3(4): 259-279.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2020.9020006
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Social media has more than three billion users sharing events, comments, and feelings throughout the world. It serves as a critical information source with large volumes, high velocity, and a wide variety of data. The previous studies on information spreading, relationship analyzing, and individual modeling, etc., have been heavily conducted to explore the tremendous social and commercial values of social media data. This survey studies the previous literature and the existing applications fr...

Yuchen Zhang,Xiujuan Lei,Zengqiang Fang,Yi Pan

2020, 3(4): 280-291.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2020.9020025
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Circular RNA (circRNA) is a novel non-coding endogenous RNAs. Evidence has shown that circRNAs are related to many biological processes and play essential roles in different biological functions. Although increasing numbers of circRNAs are discovered using high-throughput sequencing technologies, these techniques are still time-consuming and costly. In this study, we propose a computational method to predict circRNA-disesae associations which is based on metapath2vec++ and matrix factorizatio...

Wenjie Liu,Guoqing Wu,Fuji Ren,Xin Kang

2020, 3(4): 300-310.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2020.9020021
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Insect pest control is considered as a significant factor in the yield of commercial crops. Thus, to avoid economic losses, we need a valid method for insect pest recognition. In this paper, we proposed a feature fusion residual block to perform the insect pest recognition task. Based on the original residual block, we fused the feature from a previous layer between two 1

Guanlin Zhai,Yan Yang,Heng Wang,Shengdong Du

2020, 3(4): 311-319.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2020.9020024
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As an important branch of natural language processing, sentiment analysis has received increasing attention. In teaching evaluation, sentiment analysis can help educators discover the true feelings of students about the course in a timely manner and adjust the teaching plan accurately and timely to improve the quality of education and teaching. Aiming at the inefficiency and heavy workload of college curriculum evaluation methods, a Multi-Attention Fusion Modeling (Multi-AFM) is proposed, whi...