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Volume 4 Issue 1
Published:05 March 2021

Mourade Azrour,Jamal Mabrouki,Azedine Guezzaz,Yousef Farhaoui

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Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a new extended network that enables to any object to be linked to the Internet in order to exchange data and to be controlled remotely. Nowadays, due to its multiple advantages, the IoT is useful in many areas like environment, water monitoring, industry, public security, medicine, and so on. For covering all spaces and operating correctly, the IoT benefits from advantages of other recent technologies, like radio frequency identification, wireless sensor net...

Jamal Mabrouki,Mourade Azrour,Ghizlane Fattah,Driss Dhiba,Souad El Hajjaji

2021, 4(1): 10-17.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2020.9020017
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Mechanization is a depollution activity, because it provides an energetic and ecological response to the problem of organic waste treatment. Through burning, biogas from mechanization reduces gas pollution from fermentation by a factor of 20. This study aims to better understand the influence of the seasons on the emitted biogas in the landfill of the city Mohammedia. The composition of the biogas that naturally emanates from the landfill has been continuously analyzed by our intelligent syst...

Azidine Guezzaz,Younes Asimi,Mourade Azrour,Ahmed Asimi

2021, 4(1): 18-24.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2020.9020019
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The modeling of an efficient classifier is a fundamental issue in automatic training involving a large volume of representative data. Hence, automatic classification is a major task that entails the use of training methods capable of assigning classes to data objects by using the input activities presented to learn classes. The recognition of new elements is possible based on predefined classes. Intrusion detection systems suffer from numerous vulnerabilities during analysis and classificatio...

Jamal Mabrouki,Mourade Azrour,Driss Dhiba,Yousef Farhaoui,Souad El Hajjaji

2021, 4(1): 25-32.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2020.9020018
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In recent years, the monitoring systems play significant roles in our life. So, in this paper, we propose an automatic weather monitoring system that allows having dynamic and real-time climate data of a given area. The proposed system is based on the internet of things technology and embedded system. The system also includes electronic devices, sensors, and wireless technology. The main objective of this system is sensing the climate parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and existence o...

El Arbi Abdellaoui Alaoui,Stéphane Cédric Koumetio Tekouabou,Sri Hartini,Zuherman Rustam,Hassan Silkan,Said Agoujil

2021, 4(1): 33-46.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2020.9020023
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Soft Tissue Tumors (STT) are a form of sarcoma found in tissues that connect, support, and surround body structures. Because of their shallow frequency in the body and their great diversity, they appear to be heterogeneous when observed through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). They are easily confused with other diseases such as fibroadenoma mammae, lymphadenopathy, and struma nodosa, and these diagnostic errors have a considerable detrimental effect on the medical treatment process of patie...

Khalid AL Fararni,Fouad Nafis,Badraddine Aghoutane,Ali Yahyaouy,Jamal Riffi,Abdelouahed Sabri

2021, 4(1): 47-55.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2020.9020015
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With the development of the Internet, technology, and means of communication, the production of tourist data has multiplied at all levels (hotels, restaurants, transport, heritage, tourist events, activities, etc.), especially with the development of Online Travel Agency (OTA). However, the list of possibilities offered to tourists by these Web search engines (or even specialized tourist sites) can be overwhelming and relevant results are usually drowned in informational "noise", wh...

Youssef Nait Malek,Mehdi Najib,Mohamed Bakhouya,Mohammed Essaaidi

2021, 4(1): 56-64.   doi:10.26599/BDMA.2020.9020027
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Speed forecasting has numerous applications in intelligent transport systems’ design and control, especially for safety and road efficiency applications. In the field of electromobility, it represents the most dynamic parameter for efficient online in-vehicle energy management. However, vehicles’ speed forecasting is a challenging task, because its estimation is closely related to various features, which can be classified into two categories, endogenous and exogenous features. Endogenous feat...